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About me...

I am a (LMT) License Massage Therapist with seven years of practice. In addition to certification I have enjoyed many continuing educational classes with noteworthy and respected professionals in the field. Classes include; Structural Integration, Spinal Anomalies, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, and Hot Stone. Additionally, I am a Ususi Reiki Master and Access Bars® practitioner.

What do I do.

Typically, the clients I help tend to be body and energy wise. Our first encounter may be due to finally putting themselves first and a deep desire to simply relax. Or I might be one more professional on their journey to wellness due to recurring injuries or chronic (long term) pain. Or due to illness/injury that curtails carrying out daily activity or exercise.

My training has provided me with the knowledge and ability to co-create treatment plans aimed at resolving and improving, myofascial issues. Western medicine is great for acute illness, injury and surgery but for long term chronic illness, sadly success is not instantaneous. Success is a process that requires active participation, trusting our inner knowing, working with dedicated practitioners and often, utilizing several modalities.

Why do I do it?

The only thing better than seeing clients make progress, is seeing their excitement when they experience progress! My own postural anomalies and health issue lead me on a self care and wellness journey that started with massage school and continues to expand.

 Home studio sessions are:

$65.00 for 1 hour 

$80.00 for 90 min